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This song made me cry so hard last night.

I moved to Jacksonville for this amazing job.

it's been pretty lonely.
I'm used to be alone. That's fine. It's the days that I want to go out and just have dinner and drinks with someone that sucks because I'm here with no one to hang out with. I feel like I can't go out anywhere by myself either because I'm a female and I'm afraid that going out alone might give someone the wrong impression. Obviously I'm not trying to go out and pick up guys so I don't want people to think that and then put myself in an awkward situation. All of that sounds stupid now that I'm finished typing it. But, whatever, I know what I meant.
And Brenhan said he has a friend that lives in Jacksonville who goes to Trivia on Thursday nights but it isn't until 9 and it's about 20 minutes away so I wouldn't be able to really do that on a work night. I don't know.

I guess I'm just throwing myself a pity party since I have no one else to invite to it anyway, haha.

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i hate not being able to just call you and we can hangout :( but i WILL have a car here in the next week or so and you are the main reason why i want one so bad! i wanna have a slumber party, i dont care if it's just me and you! I miss you and I love you and I love you and I love you some more! =) <3<3<3

I joined a fitness boot camp so I would have other people to work out with. Being lonely sucks.

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